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Why you want to join our club?

· Become connected to your community
· Increase awareness about the importance of cultural diversity and how residents can contribute
· Work with others in addressing community needs
· Strengthen partnerships between the ACCO and other key stakeholders involved in building community inclusiveness
· Interact with other artists, performers and other professionals in your community
· Highlight the commonalities of all people in our diverse society and aid in dispelling myths
· Develop and demonstrate leadership skills
· Facilitate open exchange of ideas and values by participating in community dialogues
· Involve family in promoting community efforts
· Participating in multicultural programs help individuals, particularly youth, to develop into broad-minded individuals

Thank you for your interest in joining our club. Volunteering is extremely important to us. We rely on individuals like you to help us out, and we are always eager to hear from you.

Please provide us with you name and contact information, and one of our board members will contact you soon:

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